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LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER #modestyisthebetterchoice

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Dear Little One,

Just the other day you joined us in this land of mortals. Frail, fragile and delicate your tiny hands were. No glossy lips, no gaiety hips yet you were the most renowned beauty-pure in mind and precious in thought. Nothing has changed, your smile for ages will be as refined as it were  seconds after your first breath, you are a glorious and inspiring sight. Honored and uplifted will be those around you.

In that eternal assurance of your beauty, we are glad that one day you’ll leave our doorstep and you will live in a world most depraved. I hope and pray that you will not sing to “their” song and dance to “their” rhythm. There will be many who will argue about the length of the slit, the depth of the neck line, tightness and fissures. Little one, I would care less how you would respond but listen to the words of your father, that you may not sway and fall into their abyss of perversion.

You will be dissuaded from the sound principles and eternal truths. Do not doubt you God that we have all submitted to. Listen to Him and he will help you rise beyond the set standards that exalt beautiful girls like you to a pedestal of lust. You may ask, “what is modesty?” Rise up my little one, rise up when they start exalting  modesty and translating it to how young men-of flesh and blood, will turn eyes to your frame than your heart.

They will say, “its those men’s own fault”, that if tempted they should stare to the street walls. You will not have much influence to what they perceive of you, but let your intentions be clear and  I  pray that you will not deliberately awaken the canal flesh of your dear brothers.  Work on the undying internal beauty and not external as they would want you to.

My little one, you can be modest without sacrificing fashion. You are marvelous before your Creator’s eyes. He is proud of you! I encourage modesty to you my little one, not just covering up your body because you are hiding yourself but because modesty reveals your dignity.

And if it is to attract them, be careful my little one, your peers will tell you that you must make them drool with lust for you know how to hit ‘em hard-wait, you will see it from them. You may attract ducks. As we pray for you for a godly man submitted to His will may you know that when that time comes, such a man is not attracted by latest fashions and trends but by the inner jewels of Christ-given holiness and beauty to bear fruits for His glory.

Little one, Modesty is the better choice


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